Wooden 7 Metal String Instrument Safely Musical Instruments Portable for Music Lovers for Beginning Oboist for Harp…


7-STRING SIMPLE STYLE: This wooden Lyre Harp is designed with 7 metal strings and durable steel strings. Stringed Harp is simple and stylish. It is a perfect gift for friends and relatives, helping to cultivate interest and entertain the body and mind
EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY: The sound of the stringed musical instruments can penetrate the barrel, making it more durable and not easily damaged. When the string is pulled, the vibration directly enters the barrel, generating resonance and reflection, thereby obtaining a longer sustain effect and a more stable sound Sound quality
STRONG SOUND PENETRATION: The sound of the wooden 7 metal stringed instrument can fill the entire room. The shorter the string, the higher the pitch and the strong penetration. It is a good choice for beginners


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