Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water,Food Grade,BPA Free,Compact Design 10 Cups, Lower More Than 200 Kinds of…


Reliable Raw materials bottle, BPA free for the pitcher, high hardness bottle make it long-lasting and durable, no weird plastic smell. No small gap between the cup and the filter, all parts will stay at the original place as we set, no leaking, no slipping. And for the filter, we choose coconut shell activated carbon don’t easy to crush during shipping and daily using.
Better filtration system -3-layer 9-grade water filter to reduce 95% chlorine, lower the value of 88% hard tap water ,remove limescale, impurities, heavy metals, parasites, cadmium, selenium, mercury, lead, arsenic, phenol, carbon tetrachloride, nitrite, trichloroethylene, chloroform and etc. At the same time can keep the minerals that our body needs. Each pitcher filter can filter 150L water,the flow speed is 0.6L/m, you can get cups of water within minutes.
User-friendly-easy to use,free install for pure water.filter life day counter on the lid can record the time when you change the new filter.You don’t have to open the lid as you want to drink water, just press the button on the top then you can open it to avoid polluting water again. We set a cap on the water outlet when pour out water it will open automatically and keep closed in the rest time.


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