VACHAN Bongo Drums 6” and 7” Percussion Instrument Bongos for Adults, Tunable Wood and Metal Drum with Padded Bag and…


♪ Made of Solid Wood: VACHEN bongo drum has a very crisp sound, good durability,Natural Gloss Finish and two individual drums are attached with a solid block connection translates to improved sound quality as well as sturdiness and durability.
♪ Suitable for all Ages: The drum head is use natural animal skins, has no sharp edges, and the inside of the drum is polished into a smooth arc shape, which is safe for children. It is also suitable for children, beginners, pros, teachers, students and primary bongo drum lovers.
♪ Tuning wrench — four tunable lugs on each drum allow you to dial-in your desired pitch easily — a tuning wrench is included with these bongos The skins have to be gradually tightened evenly rather than one side at a time. This can stress both the frame and the skin


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