Surviveware Survival Trauma First Aid Kit, Organized and Fully Stocked for Safety in Emergencies


ORGANIZED! Like all Surviveware med kits, this kit is designed with organization in mind. Be well-prepared in advance for emergencies in outdoor adventures, hunting, camping, travel, disaster, and accidents. Surviveware’s Emergency Trauma Kit is ideal for police, military, combat life savers, first responders, outdoor enthusiasts and more!
STOP BLEEDING FAST! This medical kit is the most user-friendly, compact, and popular kit on the market for serious bleeding control. Survival and first aid supplies include: Recon Tourniquet, Shears, Strip closures, Adhesive Dressings, Pressure Dressing, and Surviveware compressed gauze.
SHOCK TREATMENT! A shock often occurs after significant blood loss causing a drop of body temperature, the emergency thermal blanket is designed to keep body temperature warm as a treatment for hypothermia.