Super Fullerene Labs, Super Carbon 60 10mg 30 Capsules – Super (C60) Fullerene Molecules in an MCT Coconut Oil Powder…


ABOUT SUPER CARBON 60 – Super Carbon 60 carbon-onions provides 100X more antioxidant protection than C60 in an easy to digest, organic MCT coconut powder capsule. Ideal for individuals that need more protection, Super Carbon 60 reduces oxidative stress that contributes to inflammation symptoms.
SUPERIOR PROTECTION – Super Carbon 60 delivers more protection for a longer duration. The nested carbon nano-structures provide more donor electrons to restore balance following oxidative stress. The result is a reduction in inflammation symptoms, such as body aches, joint pain, and fatigue.
MAXIMUM BIOAVAILABILITY – Super Carbon 60 offers maximum bioavailability with 99.99% purity, 12 to 14 carbon onions per dose delivered in organic MCT coconut powder for clean and efficient uptake.