Steel Tongue Drum for Beginner/Kids/Adult, WGCC 6 Inch 8 Notes C-Key Musical Drums Set, Percussion Instrument Hand Pan…


[Exquisite Handicraft Steel Drum]: This steel tongue drum is hand-made by professional craftsmen with steel-titanium alloy. It has a round shape and lotus flower style, smooth, and elegant shape., and combines modern innovative design, hand-made craftsmanship, which is corrosion-resistant and scratch-proof. The color is pollution-free and doesn’t fade.
[Principle of Drum Sound]: A tongue drum is a percussion instrument that is driven by the sound of the tongue to resonate the entire cavity. By striking the drum tongue to resonate the entire cavity, making a clean and ethereal sound. Its sound and vibrations can promote a relaxed state, perfect for deep meditation, creative thinking, and intuitive messages.
[Perfect Sound Quality]: Strike the steel tongue drum can make a crisp, ethereal, Buddha-like sound, each tone is very stable, better purify and heal the soul, and find self and inner peace. It is suitable for many fields including music education, spiritual rehabilitation, yoga meditation, etc.


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