Steel Tongue Drum, C-Key Percussion Instrument 11 Notes 6 Inches Panda Drum Lotus Tank Drum Kit Zen Drum for Playing…


?The 6 inches 11 notes steel zen drum which is handmade by a professional craftsman is abrasion-proof, scratch-proof handpan drum. The color of this Wide Range finger drum is pollution-free and doesn’t fade. The C Major hand drum is best musical gift for everyone.
?The hand pan drum is easy to attract the player’s attention, enter to your tranquil state, awaken the heart, listen to the voice of the soul, purify your mind and soul, explore youself more deeply. This sound is pretty helpful for calming down your emotions.
?This steel tung drum is with a wider natural range of 11 tones. The voice is melodious, pure and has strong penetrating power. With no musical background needed, widely used in religion, Buddhism, Confucianism, leisure, yoga meditation, theatrical performances, prenatal education, physical and mental healing, music education, and sound therapy.


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