PureC60OliveOil C60 Hemp Seed Oil 100ml / 3.4 Fl Oz – 99.95% Carbon 60 Solvent Free 80mg – Amber Glass Bottle – Food…


OUR CARBON 60 HEMP SEED OIL IS HELD TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS It’s tested for purity and quality shown in our CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS. Like our C60 powder, we use lab tested Virgin Hemp Only. Using the best ingredients means using only extra virgin hemp oil
CARBON 60 OIL is currently being investigated by drug manufacturers for health related benefits.
C60 FULLERENE STUDY PERFORMED IN 2012 BY FATHI MOUSSA found that consumption of this molecule extended life span of mice up to 90%. This sparked curiosity and further testing for potential benefits for human consumption and it’s hopeful that it will be considered the modern day fountain of youth.