Pure Colloidal Silver Gel 40 PPM • 100% Natural and only 3 Ingredients • Optimal Texture and Absorption (Better Than…


✅MORE CONCENTRATED FOR INCREASED EFFECTIVENESS ✅ After more than a year of research, we have accomplished what few others have achieved: Producing concentrated colloidal silver at 40 PPM via low-voltage electrolysis. This is of paramount importance since a more concentrated solution is more effective, as demonstrated by a peer-reviewed scientific study published in 2010 in the journal Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology.
✅INFINITELY SMALL PARTICLES FOR BETTER RESULTS ✅Particle size is just as important as concentration: our product contains 96% silver ions with an atomic size of less than one nanometre. The remaining 4% is between 1 and 5 nanometres. A study conducted in 2012 by researchers from the prestigious Rice University proved that it is the ions, not the particles, that have a bactericidal power. Our solution is 96% ionic.
✅WATER OF EXTREME PURITY ✅ We chose the purest water available – Type 1 UltraPure Water. It is used for the most critical laboratory operations, as in molecular biology. It must be pointed out that most colloidal silver solutions contain type 2 or 3 ultrapure water, which can contain up to 100 times more bacteria than type 1 ultrapure water! In order to maintain this high level of purity, we have chosen to use amber glass bottles.