Nature’s Juice Bar Emergency Food Bars – Meal Replacement for Survival, Disaster Preparedness that Provides Healthy…


SEALED IN FLAVOR: America’s only bar that’s wrapped in a battle-tested, proprietary tasty wafer that seals in moisture for a more flavorful, chewy bar that is never dry or crumbly. Our nutritious wafer also tastes great, creating a real food fruit snack that stays fresh for up to 32 months.
MADE WITH REAL FRUIT: Made with all natural fruit, green tea and nutrient-dense vegetarian ingredients, each Nature’s Juice Bar emergency ration bar is packed with nutrition and flavor that is sealed in with a flavorful wafer. Our wafer-lined healthy snack bars supply maximum flavor and are ideal for traveling, for a midmorning office snack and post-workout pick me up.
READY FOR ANY SITUATION: Shelf-stable with juicy flavors balanced for longevity giving it the longest all natural shelf life available in a snack bar: 32 months. Our meal replacement bars make a great addition to survival food kits for emergency disaster preparedness meals, lifeboats rations. Individually wrapped in waterproof packaging, our emergency ration bars stay soft in freezing temperatures.