Monatomic Colloidal Silver, 100 ppm, Immune Support – 8 oz Bottle


NATURAL DAILY WELLNESS: Jump-start your day naturally with a dose of colloidal silver. This supplement can help cleanse and boost the immune system and keep it in tip-top shape.
A PURE SILVER SUPPLEMENT: Earthborn’s liquid colloidal silver uses 99.999% pure silver suspended in steam-distilled water. Our silver is “monatomic,” meaning the silver in suspension consists of individual silver atoms. Our silver’s extremely small particle size allows it to absorb readily into the body’s tissues to work in conjunction with your immune system to maintain optimal health.
HEALTH SUPPORT FROM NATURE: Silver is found naturally in the soil and may have health benefits. Utilize the natural resources around us in an easy way by taking Earthborn Products Colloidal Silver. Use it by mouth, either by measuring cup or with the dropper as provided. It can help improve your overall wellness. No stabilizers, additives, chemicals, or proteins are added. Make the purchase today!