Minerals Daily Multimineral Complex – Multi Minerals Supplement w/ Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Chloride, Potassium…


Premium Essential Mineral Capsules: Jacked Factory Essential Minerals is a comprehensive mineral supplement containing ample doses of macrominerals and trace minerals to help you meet your daily needs of key micronutrients.
Bioavailable Chelated Minerals — Gentle on the Stomach: These essential mineral capsules provide superior forms of chelated minerals, like magnesium glycinate, L-OptiZinc, copper chelate, and Chromax chromium picolinate. This ensures your body properly absorbs and utilizes these vital micronutrients (without upsetting the stomach).
Supports Hydration, Cognitive Function, Muscle Contraction, & More: Essential minerals like magnesium, zinc, calcium, chromium, and selenium play crucial roles as “helper molecules” (cofactors) in numerous biological processes. The body needs these micronutrients for neurotransmitter production, proper mood, hydration, muscular contraction, and much more.