Lyre Harp Instrument, 7 Metal String Mahogany Lyre Instrument Kit With Tuning Wrench Cleaning Cloth and Black Carry Bag


HIGH-QUALITY: The lyre harp made of high-density mahogany, it can make the sound more rich and complex, and have higher clarity and resonance. instruments has been polished and burnished many times, making its surface very smooth to hold and excellent in touch.
7 STRINGS DESIGN: The tone of Lyre is clean and melodious, and the timbre is very stable, Classical folk pentatonic mode. equipped with durable Seven steel strings, you can use the wrench to adjust the tension of string by turning clockwise or counterclockwise.
WONDERFUL SOUND: Elegant and beautiful, quiet and clear lyre harp, ethereal and mysterious, when the fingertips pluck the strings one by one, listen carefully, you will feel the change and movement in each sound. the Immerse yourself in a Soothing, All-Natural Sound, Relax and Release Stress.


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