Leon Sport Electrolyte Salt Tablets Sport Supplement – Prevent Leg Cramps – Rapid Oral Rehydration – Easy to Take…


✦ TURBOCHARGE YOUR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE with Leon Sport Salt Pills for athletes with electrolytes, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium & Vitamin D. The ultimate salt pills for dehydration ward off heat stress, prevent leg cramps, restore mineral balance and ensure electrolyte levels are high, to enable you to meet your full potential in sports
✦ MUST-HAVE SALT PILLS FOR RUNNERS, TRAVELLERS and everyone working in extreme heat. Enjoy most efficient salt pill hydration and leg cramp relief with these electrolyte tablets ensuring best rehydration in your high-impact training, running, hiking, gym sessions but also in long travels, outdoor work in hot conditions and CF, POTS or Addison’s disease.
✦GET THE BEST SALT TABLETS ON THE MARKET and feel rehydrated, with electrolyte levels replenished, mineral balance restored and all the energy you need for your demanding schedule. NO harmful substances, NO gluten, sweeteners or soy; just effective leg cramp relief with Leon Sport safe, fast-acting & easily absorbed pills for dehydration


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