Ladyacces Lyre Harp, 16 Metal Strings Bone Saddle Mahogany Lyre Harp with Tunning Wrench,Extract Strings,Picks,Manual…


?Meterial: Ladyacces lyre harp is made by a solid piece of mahogany,smooth surface and exquisite workmanship,high hardness and desity wood is strong enough to keep it in color tone,and make the sound more rich and complex to have a higher clarity and resonance.
?Strings: The 16 metal string lyre harp equipped with durable steel strings.The tone is ringing and can fill in a whole room. The shorter the string is, the higher tone you get, and so does the tension of strings.
?Design: The Unique Deer pattern,lyre harp with round and smooth edge, it’s more safe and comfort to hold.The sound board creates a continuous whistling effect within the space.With loop end design for more stable and keep it in tune.


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