EASTROCK Radiant Tambourine Hand Held Drum 10 Inch Double Row Jingles Reflective Tambourine Musical Instrument for Kids…


Unique Drum Head- EASTROCK radiant tambourine uses a brand new polyester leather drum head, which meets the standard of professional performance, and the sound is more delicate. While the tambourine has a gorgeous appearance, the sound quality breaks through the traditional sheepskin drum head again. The percussion is more powerful, and the drum head is not easily damaged
High-quality Materials- The tambourine ring is made of natural wood materials and is polished multiple times. The wood is gentle and smooth and does not hurt your hands. The double-layer bell is made of stainless steel, they are polished to the edges and won’t scratch your hands, so you can use them at will
Beautiful Appearance- The radiant tambourine is designed with reflective patterns and has different shiny effects under different viewing angles, which can create a more lively atmosphere, stimulate the enjoyment of vision and sound, and let you immerse yourself in the music