Compact EZ-1 Barebones Colloidal Silver Generator Package w/14 Gauge Wires by LifeForce Devices


THE EZ-1 UNIT IS NOT A PLUG-IN UNIT. Check out our EZ-2 Unit and COMBO-2 Unit. The LifeForce Compact EZ-1 Barebones Package INCLUDES JUST THE MACHINE, THE PAIR OF 9999 SILVER WIRES AND THE INSTRUCTION SET. Click on one of the 3 boxes above to view the price for the desired gauge of wire. LIFEFORCE DEVICES HAS SOLD OVER 32,000 COLLOIDAL SILVER GENERATORS SINCE APRIL 2012.
This 27-volt generator will make 32 oz of 5 ppm colloidal silver in 32 minutes, which is much less than 9 volt colloidal silver generators, which take 4 to 5 hours to make the same amount.No need for meters, laser pointers or TDS meters. Included in the package is a fully-tested timing chart, so you can accurately make 5 ppm to 40 ppm colloidal silver. Also included are DETAILED, PHOTOGRAPHIC INSTRUCTIONS.
Just install the batteries, cover and four cover screws and you’re ready to make fresh, highly charged colloidal silver.


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