C60 Complete Gel Caps Patent Approved 99.9% Pure Carbon Solvent Free C60 Carbon 150 Count with Black Seed and Curcumin


LiveLongerLabs C60Complete C60LIVE has filed multiple patents securing C60 all MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oils and curcumin, including, but not limited to olive, sunflower, coconut, black seed, and avocado. Stay tuned for exciting product developments. along with our BreathEZR Diffuser and oil kit , Wellness kit, skin line our Eye health and Hair health products
C60Complete/C60LIVE has been known to help Joint Health, Immune health, Aging Process, many other health related issues
“C60Complete C60LIVE Capsules is three POWERFUL, thoroughly researched, highly acclaimed ingredients bonded together in a unique process to optimize performance and bioavailability. The Gelcaps may be multi color because of the two oils in product orange and darker color no effect on product