Bulk 1000mL 99.9%+NoSolvent Carbon-60 [Fullerene, C60] in Olive Oil | Slic60


Carbon 60 Olive Oil is a super antioxidant 172X stronger than Vitamin-C. It’s ultra potent free radical scavenging abilities make it a foundation for anti aging, improving performance, and just feeling really good.
Studies on Carbon 60 Olive Oil and anecdotal evidence suggest that it promotes the following: Longevity Immunity Energy Endurance Mental Clarity Libido Fights Yeast Infection (topical) Protect Against EMF and Radiation plus many other benefits have been reported.
Carbon 60 remains in the body for days, neutralizing free radicals as they are formed, preventing damage before it happens, as well as mopping up the mess left by years of exposure to toxins.


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