ASA TECHMED 4 Pack Emergency CPR Rescue Mask, Pocket Resuscitator with One Way Valve, EMT Trauma Scissors, Tourniquet…


» 4 KITS – FIRST AID CPR RESCUE KIT: Be prepared for a medical emergency while also preventing cross contamination with this mouth to mask CPR kit. Always make sure you have a trustworthy, high quality CPR mask to increase the effectiveness of resuscitation, as oxygen loss can be crucial in the time of need.
» CPR MASK: Our latex free cpr mask features a one way filter valve and elastic head strap to allow hands-free operation. Allows two points of air entry instead of one to increase effectiveness of resuscitation. Remove the valve and connect the mask to a BVM to increase oxygen concentrations to 100%. Air cushioned contoured edges seal around the victims face. Zipper case can be clipped onto a belt loop or backpack for access at a moments notice. Suitable for Adults, Children + Infants.
» EMT TRAUMA SHEARS: The heavy duty non stick stainless steel blades have milled serrations and can cut through multiple layers of fabric, along with tough materials such as denim, leather, vinyl + more. This is essential in an emergency situation where materials such as clothing or seatbelts are restricting access for rescue. Angled smooth blades with protected edges will not cut the patient when held directly against their skin. Ergonomic handle design allows ideal grip while cutting.