Giddy Up for Wellness

Founded in 2024, Wellness Collaborative Campus, a 501c3 organization, promotes well-being in individuals, families, veterans, and emergency workers through evidence-based mental health services, equine-assisted learning, community support, internships, and expert-led wellness programs. Guided by a diverse board of directors, we harness the therapeutic potential of the human-horse bond. Our campus offers state-of-the-art facilities and serene outdoor spaces for healing and growth. We welcome other nonprofits, professional trainings, and internships to join our mission.

Advantages Of Giddy Up For Wellness

Wellness Collaborative Campus offers diverse programs focused on holistic wellness. Our evidence-based mental health modalities and Equine Assisted Learning activities create a welcoming, safe, and serene environment.

Comprehensive mental health care with tailored services, including:

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